Highest Quality Therapeutic Salts Available

Many bath salts today are virtually all common salt (sodium chloride) which is very drying to the skin, and no matter how they’re named, they cannot claim to be “therapeutic.”
Meet the TARA team of “Remedy Focused” Bath Therapy Salts that offer truly therapeutic support for every day health concerns. They’re aptly named for the conditions they address: Immune Booster, Muscle Soother, Restful Sleep, Stress Release and Citrus Refresher.
Each specifically formulated wellness blend contains therapeutic levels of organic and wild-crafted herbal extracts, 100% pure essential oils, sea minerals, and electrolytes.
However, in order for the body to benefit, these essential oils and herbs must be uniformly dispersed in the water and absorbed into the body. So our Bath Therapy Salts are formulated with the natural minerals that create an ideal delivery system by softening the water and dispersing the healing nutrients for maximum absorption. Not all bath salts are formulated to do this.
Typical bath water contains many metals and minerals that actually create a barrier inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb the healing agents. This barrier also prevents the release of toxins eliminated from the body into the water, leaving them instead on the surface of the skin. In most bath products the active ingredients are left floating on the surface of the bath without access into the skin and toxic eliminations are left on the skin surface!
After extensive research, Tara has formulated Bath Salts that contain specially selected natural sodium minerals that break through this water barrier and facilitate the uniform dispersion of healing agents in the water. This insures that the therapeutic benefits of the certified organic/wild crafted herbal extracts and pure essential oils in TARA Bath Salts will be absorbed and utilized by the body.
Here are those magical mineral ingredients that form the base of TARA Bath Therapy Salts:
Mohave Lake Salt (Sodium Borate) is the mineral of choice for TARA Bath Therapy. It’s an excellent dispersion agent that actually opens the receptivity of the water. When dissolved in the bath, the sodium breaks away to neutralize the metal contents, while the boron atoms disperse throughout the water and attach to our herbal actives and essential oils, making them available to the total surface of the skin.
Sodium Sulfate is another naturally occurring mineral deposit that has a conditioning and toning effect on the skin.
Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride). When dissolved in the bath, the sodium and chloride elements separate, creating positive and negative ions that carry subtle magnetic charges. These alternating charges attract and repel water molecules, creating a micro massage pulse that brings boron atoms with their attached healing agents into direct contact with the skin surface. Eliminations from the skin are also drawn away from the body and into the water.
Volcanic Ash (Sodium Sesquicarbonate) is a natural water softener that also neutralizes heavy metals in water and supports the dispersion of the active ingredients.