Remedies to address your everyday health concerns

TARA’S Wellness Solutions offer home spa remedies utilizing essential oils, herbs and minerals to help provide healing benefits for your common everyday health concerns. Each SOLUTION features a specific selection of Body & Massage Oils, Essential Oils, Bath & Diffuser Oils, Roll-On Remedy Lotions, Bath Therapy Salts and Aromatherapy Herbal Pillows and Packs.

TARA Balance wellness solution


Restore balance & well-being to your body, mind & spirit with botanicals of Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Geranium.

TARA Detox wellness solution


Gently encourage detoxification & lymphatic drainage with botanicals of Juniper, Grapefruit & Burdock.

TARA Energy wellness solution


Restore depleted energy, refresh & revitalize with botanicals of Rosemary, Lemongrass & Basil.

TARA Muscle wellness solution


Release tension & ease muscle soreness & inflammation with botanicals of Eucalyptus,
Juniper & Birch.

TARA Sleep wellness solution


Relax the body, settle nerves & calm the mind for restful sleep with botanicals of Lavender,
Tangerine & Valerian.

TARA Stress wellness solution


Relieve every day stress & tension
& restore inner peace with
botanicals of Lavender,
Chamomile & Bergamot.

Here is an example of how you might integrate Wellness Solutions into your daily life to bring healing intention to the condition you are currently experiencing and to help restore balance in your body.
Bath Soak
Enjoy a relaxing soak, enhancing the healing power of water with therapeutic Bath Therapy Salts. For extra benefits, add 10-15 drops of Bath & Diffuser Oil.

Body Scrub
Create a body scrub by combining Bath Therapy Salts with Body & Massage Oil. For a steam therapy treatment, sprinkle a few drops of Essential Oil onto the floor of your shower.

Aromatherapy for Whole Body
Apply Body & Massage Oil to your whole body after bath or shower, then wrap in a warm robe. Relax with a soothing and comforting Silk Eye Pillow while healing botanicals are absorbed into your body.

Environmental Fragrancing
Any time of day, add a few drops of Bath & Diffuser Oil or an Essential Oil to an aromatherapy diffuser to fragrance your environment while you inhale the healing benefits.

Travel Remedy
Carry a Roll-On Remedy Lotion with you and apply to pulse points as needed throughout the day.

Moist Heat Therapy
Release tension in neck and shoulders at work or at home with a warm Herbal Ease® Neck Pillow. Use a warm Uni-Pack on any part of the body that needs heat therapy. At the end of the day, when placed on your belly, moist heat therapy will release tight muscles and calm your nervous system in preparation for a good night’s rest.