New! Immune Booster Body & Massage Oil

New! Immune Booster Body & Massage Oil

Specifically formulated with therapeutic levels of organic and wild-crafted essential oils that enhance the body’s circulation, promote perspiration and accelerate your body’s natural immune response. Inhalation of the therapeutic essential oils also help to relieve body aches, chills, bronchial and sinus congestion, and overall discomfort caused by viral infections.

Gluten-free • Vegan • Non-GMO • 100% Pure Essential Oils

Use for Self Massage
Oiling the skin every day after a bath or shower will help keep the immune system strong and vital. By creating a calm environment, quieting the mind and bringing loving awareness through your hands, you also encourage your body to produce more Oxytocin (a loving, giving, feel-good hormone) that helps to balance the immune system.

Use as a Body Scrub
Combine with bath salts to create a therapeutic scrub that exfoliates the skin and helps to increase circulation and lymph flow for deep cleansing and detoxification that results in healthy, resilient, vibrant skin. All you need are oil, bath salts and a loofa.

Follow these simple steps: