Bath Therapy Salts


3 oz, 16 oz


Our ancestors understood the healing power of water, often traveling great distances to thermal springs to enjoy the ancient tradition called “taking the waters,” now known as “hydrotherapy.” Bath soaks and the therapeutic use of water for healing are still the essence of today’s spa experience.


In the 1940’s we were blessed with the addition of a special room in our homes that contained a thermal pool — it was called a “bath,” named after the famous Spa in Bath, England. Today, we no longer have to travel any distance at all to experience the healing benefits of a therapeutic bath!


What Makes a Bath Therapeutic?


Simply put, it’s a bath that facilitates healing, recovery and revitalization which happens when the body absorbs healing agents naturally found in or added to the water, such as the minerals, herbs and essential oils contained in TARA Bath Salts.


(Visit our TARA Blog to learn more about the many benefits of the therapeutic bath and the importance of bath temperature and timing.)


Not all Bath Salts are Created Equal!


Many bath salts today are virtually all common salt (sodium chloride) which is very drying to the skin, and no matter how they’re named, they cannot claim to be “therapeutic.”


Meet the TARA team of “Remedy Focused” Bath Salts that offer truly therapeutic support for every day health concerns. They’re aptly named for the conditions they address: Immune Booster, Muscle Soother, Restful Sleep, Stress Release and Citrus Refresher.


Each specifically formulated wellness blend contains therapeutic levels of organic and wild-crafted herbal extracts, 100% pure essential oils, sea minerals, and electrolytes.


However, in order for the body to receive the benefits from these essential oils and herbs, they must be uniformly dispersed in the water and absorbed into the body. TARA Bath Salts are formulated with natural minerals that create an ideal delivery system by softening the water and dispersing the healing nutrients for maximum absorption. Not all bath salts are formulated to do this.


(Visit our Blog for more on the ingredients that make TARA Bath Salts the best therapeutic Bath Salts on the market today!)


Wellness Blend Options

Body Purifier – 3 oz, Detoxifying – 3 oz, Citrus Refresher – 16 oz, Citrus Refresher – 3 oz, Immune Booster – 16 oz, Immune Booster – 3 oz, Muscle Soother – 16 oz, Muscle Soother – 3 oz, Restful Sleep – 16 oz, Restful Sleep – 3 oz, Stress Release – 16 oz, Stress Release – 3 oz, Loving – 3 oz, Rejuvenating Foot Soak & Scrub – 3 oz, Woman's Transition – 3 oz, PMS Bath Salts – 3 oz

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