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Our Herbal-Ease® Aromatherapy Booties are made with durable fabrics and quality workmanship. Tara created herbal recipes for the Booties that are consistently preferred for their comforting aromas and healing properties. The hard herbs retain heat and release their aroma when the Booties are warmed, while the rice releases moisture.


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  • Cinnamon – Relieves muscle tension, warming
  • Cloves – Stimulant, good for lungs when inhaled, warming
  • Allspice – Warming, soothing
  • Orange – Calming, anti-spasmodic
  • Cayenne – Warming
  • White Rice – Releases moist heat


Herbal-Ease™ Booties, when heated in a microwave, release moist heat to warm and soothe tired feet. Designed for therapeutic use while resting or relaxing, they are not meant to be worn as house slippers. Excessive walking in the Booties will cause premature breakdown of herbs and grains and wear holes in the fabric.
Place Booties in microwave, sole side up, for 1 minute. Continue heating in 30-second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Caution: Check temperature by carefully inserting one foot or hand. If you are diabetic or have circulatory, sensory or neurological problems, use only with the advice of a physician.
Spray inside lightly with water. Place in plastic bag in freezer for 1-2 hours. Remove from plastic bag and place feet inside.
Excessive heat may cause contents to burn or lose their therapeutic properties. It’s very important to carefully follow heating instructions below.

  • Heating times depend upon strength of a Microwave — which varies from 500W to 1400W. The higher the wattage, the less time required to heat your Pillow.
  • If microwave does not have a turntable feature, reshift and reposition Pillow every minute to avoid hot spots.
  • Make sure Pillow is not touching inner walls of microwave and that microwave is clear of food or grease.
  • When reheating Pillow, heat only ½ of original time, as the inner core will still be holding heat.
  • Do not exceed heating time of 5 minutes for any Pillow.
  • Do not heat Pillow in conventional oven.

Spot clean by wiping with slightly damp cloth and a few drops of mild soap. A small amount of foam based “dry” shampoo may also be used. Don’t ever immerse in water. Storing Pillow in plastic bag between uses will help retain its aromatic scent.

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