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Essential Oils - Nature's Rescue Remedies

Download our guide, Essential Oils – Nature’s Rescue Remedies – it is a great resource for the benefits provided by our 21 Single Note Essential Oils.

Tara is a stickler for quality. She learned from aromatherapy experts how hard it is to find pure, unadulterated essential oils. She made this her mission. Her commitment to purity ensures that her collection of premium essential oils, chosen after a rigorous research and screening process, are the finest grade available. This collection includes organic, wild-crafted and pesticide-free oils from farmers around the world.


Single Note Essential Oils are used in many aromatherapy applications including custom-blending programs for face and body, environmental fragrancing, baths and home health care.


Bergamot, Organic

Cedarwood, Organic

Chamomile, Roman, Organic*

Clary Sage, Organic

Cypress, Organic

Eucalyptus, Organic

Geranium, Organic

Grapefruit, Pink, Organic

Jasmine Absolute*, Organic

Juniper, Organic

Lavender, Organic

Lemongrass, Organic

Orange, Organic

Patchouli, Organic

Peppermint, Organic

Rose Absolute, Organic*

Rosemary, Organic


Tea Tree, Organic

Vetiver, Organic

Ylang Ylang, Organic


*In a 10% dilution of Organic Jojoba Oil.
Note: Rosemary and Clary Sage are not recommended for pregnant women.

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Bergamot, Organic, Cedarwood, Organic, Chamomile, Roman, Organic, Clary Sage, Organic, Cypress, Organic, Eucalyptus, Organic, Geranium, Organic, Grapefruit, Pink, Organic, Jasmine Absolute, Organic, Juniper, Organic, Lavender, Organic, Lemongrass, Organic, Orange, Sweet, Organic, Patchouli, Organic, Peppermint, Organic, Rose Absolute, Organic, Rosemary, Organic, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Organic, Vetiver, Organic, Ylang Ylang, Organic

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