Aromatherapy Hydrating Mist


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Hydrosols are a very useful by-product of the essential oil process of distillation. During distillation, heated water passes steam through plants. Plant cells containing the essential oil literally explode in the distilling process thus carrying with the steam the aromatic principles. Hydrosols are unique in that the distilled water has been infused with the phytohormone properties of the plant used to make the essential oil.


Hydrosols are gentle and effective. They contain only the most water-soluble chemicals of the plant material and are most easily understood as a softer version of the extremely potent, non-water soluble essential oils. Calming and soothing, our Aromatherapy Hydrating Mists can be safely used with children and those that may prefer to use a less concentrated essential oil.


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Organic Lavender Hydrating Mist
Organic Neroli Hydrating Mist


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Organic Lavender, Organic Neroli

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