Balancing Aromatherapy Bath & Diffuser Oil


A warming blend to relieve sore and tired muscles. Calms and soothes the nerves. Helps restore balance and well-being.


Part of the Balance Wellness Solution.



  • Lavender Essential Oil – Reduces psychological stress, anti-spasmodic, helps to normalize and balance the body
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Euphoric, anti-depressant, slows heart rate, very relaxing, sedating. Relieves anxiety, nervous tension, anger and frustration
  • Ginger Root Essential Oil – Warming and stimulating to muscles and joints
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Warming to muscles and joints, eases respiratory ailments, balances
  • Geranium Essential Oil – Astringent, anti-bacterial, enhances healing process
  • Basil Essential Oil – Oxygenates system, stimulates the mind and nervous system, mental alertness, uplifting
  • Cardamom Essential Oil – Warming, stimulating, promotes digestion, relieves mental fatigue, warms aching muscles
  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil – Helps balance mood swings, stress reliever, regulates hormonal balance, cell regenerator, hydrating to skin
  • Maillette Essential Oil – Relaxing, refreshing
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil – Cooling, soothing and grounding, apply before yoga or meditation, awakens the consciousness
  • Tamil Nadu Essential Oil – Anti-inflammatory


Fill tub, then add 10-15 drops of Bath & Diffuser Oil. Agitate water to disperse the oils.
Inhalation Therapy
Add 5-8 drops of Bath & Diffuser Oil to a bowl of almost boiling water. Place a towel over your head and inhale for 5 minutes.
Environmental Fragrancing
Add 5-8 drops to diffuser and breathe in the aromatherapy benefits.

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