Energy Wellness Solution Set


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Restores depleted energy, refreshes and revitalizes with botanicals of rosemary, lemongrass and basil. Includes: 4 oz. Revitalizing Body & Massage Oil, 3 oz. Citrus Refresher Bath Salt and a 1 oz. Energizer Aromatherapy Roll-On Remedy (packaged in a gift box).


Part of the Energy Wellness Solution.

Solution Type

Balancing, Detox, Energy, Muscle, Sleep, Stress


Revitalizing Aromatherapy Body & Massage Oil
Gently uplifting without being overly stimulating. Nourishes and restores depleted energy. Promotes circulation. Energizing, refreshing vitality blend.

  • Rosemary – Mental clarity, digestive tonic, aids liver congestion, stimulating and energizing, good for muscle aches and pains
  • Cypress – Warming, stimulating, increases circulation
  • Basil – Oxygenates system, stimulates the mind and nervous system, mental alertness, uplifting
  • Vetiver – Calming and sensual
  • Lemongrass – Refreshing, uplifting, rejuvenating, eases headaches, aids digestion
  • Ylang Ylang – Euphoric, anti-depressant, slows heart rate, very relaxing, sedating, relieves anxiety, nervous tension, anger and frustration
  • Sandalwood – Cooling, soothing and grounding, apply before yoga or meditation, awakens the consciousness
  • Grapefruit – Uplifting, good for lymphatic drainage, helps with excess fluids, increases circulation
  • Spruce – Stimulating, purifying, gently relieves anxiety and stress, aids breathing, helps relieve congestion, grounding
  • Petitgrain – Promotes clarity of mind and mental wellness and awareness; antidepressant; induces positive thinking and provides relief from anxiety and stress

Citrus Refresher Bath Therapy Salts
Uplifting and cooling to the body, this refreshing combination reduces stress and tension, improves mental clarity, helps relieve fatigue and balances the nervous system. Also aids lymph drainage and water retention.

  • Tangerine – Stimulant for lymph system, blissful, euphoric, refreshing
  • Lavender – Calming, balancing, alleviates stress and tension
  • Cedarwood – Grounding, deeply relaxing
  • Sweet Fennel – Diuretic, contains hormones similar to female hormones, good for lymphatic drainage
  • California Poppy – Antidote to stress, sedating, a balancer for emotions, relaxes muscles throughout the body
  • Passion Flower – Soothes the mind, a stress reducer, sleep aid
  • Rose Petals – Anti-bacterial, good for burns and skin conditions, eases sore throat, fever and cough, regenerates and replenishes skin, anti-oxidant

Energizer Aromatherapy Roll-On Remedy Lotion
Contains therapeutic essences in a base of organic Aloe Vera and Jojoba. An instant topical aromatherapy treatment that clears the mind and helps improve concentration and alertness.

  • Ginger Essential Oil – Energizes the mind
  • Lemon Essential Oil – Stimulates brain function, uplifting, helps focus the mind
  • Lime Essential Oil – Anti-septic, anti-viral, astringent
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil – Reduces fatigue, energizes, promotes clarity and alertness
  • Aloe Vera – Hydrating, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, balances the Ph levels in the skin


Apply onto skin after bath or shower.
Add 1-2 capfuls to running water.
Mix 2 Tbsp. Body Oil with 2 Tbsp. Salts and massage onto body, then rinse off.
Bath Directions
Add 1-2 Tbsp. Salts to bath water and thoroughly mix until completely dissolved. Enjoy 20-30 minutes in your healing bath, then use a natural brush or loofah to scrub your skin.
Scrub Directions
Mix 2 Tbsp. Salts and 1-2 Tbsp. water to make a loose paste. For a more emollient scrub, mix 2 Tbsp. Salts with 1 Tbsp. water and 1 Tbsp. Body Oil<. Apply to whole body in shower with gently invigorating circular strokes. Rinse off.   (Visit our Blog for a list of bath temperatures and the benefit derived from each.)
Focus attention on your body to determine where your symptoms originate. Apply generously to those areas and massage into skin. May be applied to pulse points on the wrists and temples, or around the nose to inhale the aromatherapy benefits.

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