Ayurvedic Herbal Body Treatment


2 oz

A rare blend of high potency Ayurvedic herbs designed to accelerate the elimination of dead cells and improve skin metabolism. While apricot kernel, walnut shells, pumice, and silicon beads used in classic spa exfoliation treatments perform the mechanical function, they don’t nourish the skin.


Herbal Body Treatment exfoliates as well as nourishes internally and externally. This deep exfoliation leaves the skin feeling exquisitely clean and refreshed. The herbal ingredients help to improve blood circulation, encourage detoxification, calm the nervous system, and provide a luxurious, healthy glow. Formulated to work deeply and therapeutically, providing a relaxing and satisfying experience.


Use daily as a cleansing scrub instead of soap. Shake a small amount of powder into hand and gently rub over wet skin. For a spa body mask, mix 2 heaping Tbsp. of powder with enough water to make a loose paste. Apply over body and let dry. Rinse off with warm water.

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