Ayurvedic Herbal-Infused Body Oil


2 oz, 8 oz


An incomparable blend of rich oils, Ayurvedic herbs and delightful plant and flower essences that work together to nurture and restore skin to a silky, smooth freshness. Revitalizes dehydrated skin. Aromatherapeutic properties work to relieve everyday tension.


Available in:


Bindi Balancing Herbal-Infused Body Oil
Kapha Energizing Herbal-Infused Body Oil
Pitta Soothing Herbal-Infused Body Oil
Vata Calming Herbal-Infused Body Oil


Bindi – 8 oz, Bindi – 2 oz, Vata – 8 oz, Vata – 2 oz, Pitta – 8 oz, Pitta – 2 oz, Kapha – 8 oz, Kapha – 2 oz


Massage onto skin prior to or after bath/shower. Can also be used directly in bath. Add 1-2 capfuls to running water.

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