Immune Boost – Essential Oil Blending Package


TARA makes it easy for you to create your own personalized Aromatherapy blend with our tried and true blending recipe for boosting the immune system. TARA’s light, emollient Unscented Body & Massage Oil is used as base to moisturize, protect, condition and nourish the skin, blended with the purest essential oils on the market today to boost and strengthen the body’s natural immune response. We’ve put everything you need into one easy to use set.


Set includes:


Tea Tree Essential Oil
Boosts immunity and acts as a shield against infections. Promotes removal of toxins from the body. Provides relief from cold, cough, bronchitis and congestion as well as muscular pain and aches. Anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Stimulates immune response at a cellular level. Also stimulates white blood cells to ingest foreign particles which improves immunity. A natural antiseptic with antiviral, antibacterial healing properties. Antimicrobial properties protect against many bacteria and viruses. A decongestant that provides relief from colds, coughs and other respiratory problems.

Lemongrass Essential Oil
Facilitates absorption of nutrients which strengthens and boosts immune system. Acts as a tonic that boosts health and tones all body’s systems. Inhibits microbial and bacterial growth both internally and externally. Anti-inflammatory properties help body fight off free radicals. Relieves pain in muscles and joints.

Unscented Aromatherapy Body & Massage Oil
A special blend of emollient oils nourishing and hydrating to the skin without feeling greasy. Suitable for all skin conditions. Ideal for massage or after shower moisturizing. An excellent carrier base for aromatherapy essential oils.

  • High Oleic Safflower Oil – Good emollient, light oil, moisturizes, promotes healthy skin, good for skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, scars, etc, high oleic lasts longer without going rancid
  • Sunflower Oil – Good emollient, light oil, helps skin retain moisture; provides a protective barrier
  • Apricot Kernel Oil – Very light, but not thin, conditioning to the skin and absorbs easily into the skin
  • Sesame Oil – Aids anxiety and depression, promotes circulation and helps reduce blood pressure, improves bone, skin and heart health, stimulates bone growth, lowers inflammation, aids in reducing age spots
  • Jojoba Oil – A highly emollient liquid wax, containing nutrients that feed the skin and regulate its functions; excellent softening and moisturizing oil, ideal for aging, dry skin, does not go rancid and makes an excellent base


TARA Aromatherapy Blending Recipe for Immune Boost

1) Pour TARA Unscented Body & Massage Oil into 2 oz. blending bottle

2) Add TARA Essential Oil Recipe:

3) Shake well
Massage onto skin after bath or shower. May use directly in bath by adding 1-2 capfuls under running water. Use for performing self massage. Rub Oil between palms, cup hands over nose and mouth and breathe in the immune boosting benefits.

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