Immune Booster Bath Therapy Salts


16 oz, 3 oz


Immune Booster Bath Therapy Salts contain specifically formulated therapeutic levels of organic and wild-crafted herbal extracts, 100% pure essential oils, sea minerals and electrolytes for relief of a variety of common ailments.


Cold and flu infections produce a range of discomforts. When integrated into the healing power of hydrotherapy, this set can enhance the body’s circulation, promote perspiration and accelerate your body’s natural immune response, while inhalation of the therapeutic essential oils help to relieve body aches, chills, bronchial and sinus congestion, and overall discomfort.


Combine with Immune Booster Massage & Body Oil, Organic Eucalyptus Body & Massage Oil or Therapeutic Sports Body & Massage Oil to create a therapeutic scrub.


Spa history is rich in the tradition of bathing for healing. Bath soaks are the essence of the spa experience whether in a luxury resort or at home. Determined to take bath salts to the next level, Tara spent two years doing research before introducing a “remedy focus” to her bath salts collection.


In order for the body to benefit from the essential oils and herbs used in a bath, they must be uniformly dispersed in the water. TARA Bath Therapy formulations contain sodium minerals which soften the water for maximum dispersal, assisting in the absorption of botanicals into the skin.


Size Options

Immune Booster – 16 oz, Immune Booster – 3 oz