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These oils, combined with a little imagination, are tickets to far away places or reminders of special times. Each blend contains the highest quality essential oils with aromas reminiscent of each destination area. Can be used as a natural perfume, in the bath or as an after shower moisturizer. For a great gift idea, see our Destination Rejuvenation Gift Sets containing one of our Regional Oils with complementary Bath Salts.


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Desert Sage Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil
Evergreen Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil
High Altitude Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil
Tropical Essence Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil

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Regional Specialty Blends

Desert Sage, High Altitude, Evergreen, Tropical Essence


Base Oil Ingredients for all Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oils: High Oleic Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil.
Desert Sage Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil

    Native American traditions use Juniper and Sage to purify, cleanse and renew the body and spirit. Experience our unadulterated and premium grade essential oils of Juniper, Sage, Cypress, Lavandin and Cedarwood. Our Desert Sage Body & Massage Oil aids in grounding, relaxing and purifying. We do not recommend this oil for pregnant women. (Click here for information about Aromatherapy & Pregnancy Concerns)

  • Juniper – Strengthens and uplifts the spirit in times of low energy, anxiety or weakness. Cleanses the atmosphere and supports centering
  • Sage – Helps to strengthen, cleanse and balance. Helps to regulate perspiration and to reduce water retention in the legs
  • Cypress – Primarily an astringent, mentally clearing and helps ease anxiety, nervous tension
  • Lavandin – Balances all skin types; heals acne, moisturizes dry skin, renews skin cells. Calms, refreshes and soothes. Helps relieve headaches
  • Cedarwood – Antiseptic, astringent. Benefits for acne and oily skin. Helps to calm, strengthen, rejuvenate and comfort. Helps to alleviate bronchitis

Evergreen Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil

    Our Evergreen Body & Massage Oil is made with pure, unadulterated essential oils that create the aroma of evergreen forests. A synchronizing blend of single note essential oils of Fir, Ginger, Lime and Chamomile help to ground, balance and clarify. Helps relieve stress, ease nervous tension, moodiness and depression. We recommend our Evergreen Massage Oil especially for frequent travelers to ground, calm tension and relieve jet lag symptoms.

  • Fir – Relieves allergies, colds, coughs, and muscle aches. Helps relieve nervous tension and stress. Calms, centers, clarifies, stimulates and uplifts
  • Ginger – Helps relieve respiratory conditions, fever, flu and nausea. Eases depression, fatigue, irritability,stress and nervous tension. Centers, clarifies and stimulates
  • Lime – Helps relieve respiratory conditions, headaches and poor circulation. Also helps to relieve fatigue, nervous tension and stress. Clarifies and harmonizes
  • Chamomile – Helps relieve chapped skin, fevers and nausea. Eases anxiety, insomnia and stress

High Altitude Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil
This blend of pure essential oils in a rich base oil is formulated to safely deal with the conditions of altitude sickness. While there are a few other essential oils that treat certain aspects of the condition, this blend can be safely used by everyone. The main objective in altitude adjustment is to ease the symptoms associated with high altitude: dryness, dehydration, headaches, constipation, and sometimes anxiety.
And, very importantly, we want to ease respiratory function and encourage oxygenation of the tissues. Our TARA High Altitude Oil helps to condition and nourish dry or chapping skin, assists in easing respiration, aids in grounding, calms the nervous system and eases headache tension.
The combination of water therapy, inhalation, massage with essential oils, and moist heat compresses can help to restore the disrupted balance one feels when traveling to a high altitude environment.

  • Frankincense – Has the ability to slow down and deepen the breath; breathing more slowly and deeply soon produces a feeling of calm. One of the most valuable oils for use in treating respiratory infections. One of the best pulmonary oils; antiseptic, calms coughs. Helpful with asthma
  • Ylang Ylang – Helps slow down rapid breathing and over rapid heartbeat. Balancing to the nerves. Good for dry skin-has a balancing action on sebum production
  • Peppermint – Eases nausea and has cooling effect
  • Cypress – Reduces edema
  • Pine – Aids respiration, increasing oxygen in the bloodstream and capillaries
  • Lemon – Helps prevent edema
  • Spearmint – Antispasmodic. Relieves nausea

Tropical Essence Regional Specialty Body & Massage Oil
Our Tropical “Mango” Massage Oil is a masterful blend of tropical flower essences and exotic sweet lime. Presenting a classical balance of tart and sweet, it evokes images of languid sunshine and palm lined sand beaches. Custom blended by hand in limited batches, this oil helps relieve stress, anxiety and depression and promotes emotional optimism. Experience its uniqueness.

  • (Key ingredients are a trade secret!)


Apply onto skin after bath or shower.
Add 1-2 capfuls to running water.
Mix 2 Tbsp. Body Oil with 2 Tbsp. TARA Bath Therapy Salts and massage onto body, then rinse off.

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