Stress Relieving Aromatherapy Body & Massage Oil


Offers relief for stressed nervous system. Helps shed negativity and tension. Relaxing and sedating. Reduces psychological stress and helps to normalize and balance the body.


Part of the Stress Wellness Solution.



  • Lavender – Reduces psychological stress, anti-spasmodic, helps to normalize and balance the body
  • Bergamot – Reduces anxiety and stress, relieves tension, positive and uplifting
  • Clary Sage – Anti-depressant, euphoric, calming, gives sense of well-being, hormone balancer
  • Chamomile – Sedating to the nervous system, helps insomnia, calming and comforting
  • Black Pepper – Warming, stimulating, great for circulation, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties help release tension and soothe distressed muscles
  • Vetiver – Calming and sensual, grounding

Body & Massage Oils in a base of TARA Unscented Professional Massage Oil (High Oleic Safflower, Sunflower, Apricot, Sesame and Jojoba Oils).


Apply onto skin after bath or shower.
Add 1-2 capfuls to running water.
Mix 2 Tbsp. Body Oil with 2 Tbsp. TARA Stress Release Bath Therapy Salts and massage onto body, then rinse off.