Unscented Body & Massage Oil


4 oz

A special blend of emollient oils nourishing and hydrating to the skin without feeling greasy. Suitable for all skin conditions. Ideal for massage or after shower moisturizing. An excellent carrier base for aromatherapy essential oils.


Combine with TARA Bath Therapy Salts to create a therapeutic scrub.



Wellness Blend Options

Balancing, Detoxifying, Loving, Maternity, Relaxing, Revitalizing, Stress Relieving, Therapeutic Sports, Unscented



  • Cedarwood – Helps maintain a sense of balance in life through adversity
  • Nutmeg – Opens the heart, may increase dream activity
  • Patchouli – Lifts energy, helps strengthen and ground, reduces fluid retention, an aphrodisiac
  • Spearmint – Cheers the spirit, remembrance of joyous occasions, promotes healing and strengthening, brings a feeling of freedom and lightness, refreshing
  • Tangerine – Soothes the psyche, always elicits positive feelings, brings playfulness of the child within
  • Ylang Ylang – Euphoric, anti-depressant, slows heart rate, very relaxing, sedating, relieves nervousness, fear, anxiety and anger


Apply onto skin after bath or shower.
Add 1-2 capfuls to running water.
Mix 2 Tbsp. Body Oil with 2 Tbsp. TARA Loving Bath Therapy Salts and massage onto body, then rinse off.