Expand your guests’ spa experience with In-Room Wellness Delivery Service. If you are planning treatments in the comfort and safety of the guest rooms, build TARA Wellness Products & Kits into the experience to add value and help to offset your spa’s limitations due to Covid-19 safety measures.

wellness delivered to your door

To our spa family,

Today we are being faced with the greatest challenge of our time. Covid-19 has impacted our lives both personally and professionally in ways we could not have ever imagined. Now, more than ever before, Wellness is paramount. We all need to stay resilient and strong. This pandemic reminds us how crucial our overall health and well-being are to fight infections of any kind. And it is also critical for us to engage our clients, keeping the vital connections to support their well-being during these stressful times.

For over 25 years, the TARA brand has advocated healthy lifestyle choices and self-care. We want to do everything we can to support you, your teams and your clientele. With spa facilities closed at this time we are offering a Wellness Delivered To Your Door Program. It offers an exclusive site-wide discount code for your spa clientele when they shop the broad range of natural and organic wellness products available in our Shop.



Just send us an email or give us a call
to get your discount code and begin

Your discount code does not expire so your
clientele keep saving while you keep earning

TARA provides downloadable content & imagery
to support your marketing efforts

Receive monthly payments in the amount of 25% of
qualifying purchases made by your clientele each month

If you would like to participate in this program send us an email and we will create your exclusive coupon code

TARA’s Wellness Delivered To Your Door provides:

  • The convenience of “Wellness -At-Home” products drop-shipped directly to your spa clientele
  • Customer Appreciation: Your spa clientele receives preferred pricing of 20% off purchases of $30 or more in our Shop + FREE shipping for orders $50 or more
  • Your spa business receives 25% cash back on all of your spa clientele’s purchases of $30 or more from our Shop


wellness delivered to your door

  1. We will provide an exclusive coupon code for your spa to distribute to your clientele however you wish
  2. Your clientele may use this exclusive coupon code to receive 20% off when purchasing $30 or more in products in our Shop and we will ship directly to the home address they provide
  3. Your clientele will also receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders $50 or more within the continental U.S. (excludes HI & AK)
  4. We will track your exclusive coupon code for total sales of products purchased by your clientele
  5. We will provide a monthly cash back payment directly to your business (via check) in the amount of 25% of the total qualifying purchases made by your clientele at taraspa.com each month*

*We will continue this program provided our distribution center team is healthy and restrictions on business operations are not mandated.


In response to the Covid-19 Virus, we have carefully curated 3 NEW Wellness-at-Home Kits to address health-related concerns that are so prevalent during this crisis and bring focused attention to personal wellness needs and self-care while at home.

Covid-19 Response Treatments & Services

We can help you create spa treatments and experiences that inspire wellness during Covid-19 concerns.

Medical Grade
Hand Sanitizer

High quality, medical grade Hand Sanitizer blended in the USA at an FDA registered facility following the CDC and World Health Organization’s official guidelines. Liquid spray formula is 80% alcohol and kills up to 99.99% of harmful germs and bacteria.

Unscented and quick drying; fortified with glycerin for moisturizing.

New Products To Help Support
The Immune System Year-round

Now, more than ever before, wellness is paramount. As our country begins lifting the self-sheltering mandates, TARA’s Immune Booster formulas with therapeutic grade essential oils and organic herbal extracts help keep your guests resilient.

  • Immune Booster Bath Salts (1 gallon, 16 oz, 3 oz)
  • Immune Booster Massage & Body Oil (1 liter, 1 oz)
  • Immune Booster Bath & Diffuser Oil (10 ml)

Tips For Staying Strong &
Resilient Year Round

TARA’s recommended essentials and home wellness rituals for boosting the immune system to maintain a deep defense now and throughout the year.

  • Ayurvedic Wisdom to Boost Immunity
  • Wellness Tips From Tara
  • Lifestyle Basics
  • Diet & Supplements
  • Spa Rituals

LEC Covid-19 Response Products

Protect your clients and your service providers during treatments with washable, reusable covers for Eye Pillows, Neck Pillows and Uni-Packs as well as many other safety-focused products.