TARA Living Wellness
It’s about what you do every day.

Living Wellness® is a way of being, incorporating daily rituals into our lives and making conscious choices that help us renew our energy, find our balance and exist in a vibrant state of health. According to Ayurveda, health, happiness and an inner sense of well-being is our natural state, with health defined as a body free of toxins, a peaceful mind, calm and happy emotions, wastes efficiently eliminated and properly functioning organs. The stresses we encounter and the choices we make in our daily lives either support or disrupt our natural state of being.

The Path To Living Wellness®

To help you navigate the path on your journey to Living Wellness, we offer information and methods that can be incorporated into to your daily living to steer you in the right direction, including: The Importance of Sleep, Boosting Your Immune System, Wholistic Remedies and Home Spa Rituals.

Featured below are what we believe to be the main touch stones of maintaining health and well-being:


Make conscious food choices – how much, how often and when…

Be mindful about products you use


Products should be chosen for ingredients that nourish the body…


Regular exercise improves every aspect of your health from the inside out…


Simple ceremonies and rituals can have profound positive effects…

seasonal health


Attune to the natural cycles of nature for optimum health and well-being…