Adding simple things such as setting an intention, meditating or turning everyday routines into rituals can have profound positive effects on our state of mind and sense of well-being.


Set your Daily Intention upon awakening by asking, “What do I choose to create today?”
At the end of the day, before going to sleep ask, “What did I create today?”

If you’ve never meditated before, an easy way to get started is to just sit for 10-20 minutes and practice breath awareness. Pay attention to your breath as you inhale to a count of 8 and then exhale to a count of 8. After a few minutes of following your breath, you’ve become a meditator!

Breathing exercises are called Pranayama in Ayurveda — prana is Sanskrit for “life force” and yama means to control. The breath is the source of our life force and breathing exercises are about expanding or channeling the life force and enlivening the whole being.

Alternate nostril breathing is an energy balancing technique. It can be practiced on a yoga mat, at your desk at work or while lying in bed. Using your thumb and ring fingers to open and close the nostrils, inhale through the left nostril; exhale through the right. Then inhale through the right, exhale through the left. Try for a series of 8 breaths. This calms the nervous system while also awakening energy.

Tips to help you make a conscious decision to release negative feelings and thoughts:

  • Throw it away! – Write your frustrations and disappointments down on paper…then tear it up and throw it away!
  • Laugh it off! – Visit with a funny friend or watch a hilarious movie…a little bit of levity goes a long way toward lightening the mood and changing your disposition.

Turning Routines Into Rituals

Rituals don’t have to be serious or complicated. Science reports that even small, simple rituals can have profound positive effects on our state of mind. So how do we turn daily routines into rituals?

We do it by changing our perspective and by imbuing the act with new meaning. The secret ingredient is gratitude. A ritual is a way of expressing gratitude for what we have and honoring it with our special attention. As we brush our teeth, simply expressing thanks to the wonderful instruments that allow us to chew our food and display beautiful smiles, turns this routine act into a ritual. We can increase enjoyment of our morning coffee by taking the time to transform its preparation into a ritual. We can ritualize the daily routine of food preparation when we take the time to express gratitude and appreciation for each ingredient that goes into our meal and by including a ritual blessing or simple “thank you” before eating.

We offer some healthy suggestions for reframing current routines into rituals that will rejuvenate and restore your sense of well-being as you journey on the path to Living Wellness®.


Morning Coffee

Other countries like England and Japan have embraced and honed their tea rituals. We Americans seem to have made coffee our national preference, but we can take the preparation of our morning “Joe” to new levels. Take the time to really engage in and enjoy each step of preparing your morning cup in the most perfect way. Start by appreciating that very special blend you’ve found, place just the right amount in your chosen coffee maker, enjoy the wonderful aroma as it brews and then gently pour it into your favorite cup. That is now a ritual!

Foot Cleansing

Our feet are our primary means of connecting with the earth and cleansing the feet is a centuries old ritual. Cleansing the feet of a friend or loved one is a sign of trust, closeness and openness; cleansing your own feet is a stress relieving and beautification ritual. Combine the traditional flower infused water with a modern sugar scrub. Before you begin, set your intention – to cleanse away negative energies or to just induce relaxation after a long day. Thank your feet for their support and honor the divine within. Give your feet an extra treat by lovingly applying some TARA Foot & Leg Lotion.


Preparing For Sleep

As her night time ritual, Tara warms a Herbal-Ease™ Uni-Pack and Neck Pillow in the microwave, then wears the Neck Pillow around her neck while finishing up the dishes or watching TV. This comforting moist heat therapy begins relaxing the body as she winds down her day. She gets into bed, placing the warm Uni-Pack on her stomach to calm the nervous system and prepare her body for a good night’s sleep. What’s not to like about this ritual?

Your Face As A Canvas

Women have been painting their faces since time began. Turn your time in front of the make-up mirror into a ritual by seeing your face as an empty canvas. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of the empty canvas and then feel gratitude for the opportunity to transform this empty canvas into a new work of art to share with the world each day!


Daily Rituals Skin Care

According to Ayurveda, bringing balance to the physiological, emotional and energetic levels in your body will reflect in healthier, more radiant skin. There are only 3 things that we can do externally to maintain the proper health and balance of the skin: cleanse, nourish and moisturize. Make this your daily ritual. All else must come from within! Today there are a mind boggling number of products to choose from when deciding what to incorporate into your skin care ritual. As pointed out on the “Products You Use” page, what you put on your skin should be as pure and nourishing to your body as the food you eat. Tara Spa Therapy is proud of the quality, integrity and efficacy of our skin care lines: TARA Ayurveda Daily Rituals Skin Care and the TARA Skin Therapy Collection. Product ingredients in these collections carry the life force and active healing agents from plants and flowers, providing food for the skin and nourishment for body and soul.