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Eating Healthy As A Lifestyle

On a recent trip to Colorado, I did John Douillard’s 2-week Colorado Cleanse. I impressed myself by how much I was able to stay focused and not get tempted by what other people were eating, even one night when I was visiting with relatives. For dinner the family had spaghetti with butter and cheese along with bread and butter, second servings of both and no greens in sight. Weight issues pervade in this family and are taxing their health. As much as spaghetti was a comfort food when I was a kid, I felt thankful that over the years I developed balanced eating practices and now maintain a healthy dietary lifestyle.

It was hard to watch not only because my food choices were restricted on the cleanse, but mostly because it amplified for me the differences in our eating habits. I’ve also lived with those challenges of cravings and unconscious eating. It’s a lifelong path of behavioral change that I, too, struggle with and must constantly monitor. My recent cleanse was very empowering and enlightening – it also prompted me to want to help other people who find themselves unable to control their eating habits. Unfortunately and unconsciously, unhealthy eating habits are passed on to children and are thus perpetuated through generations.

As a way to break old patterns and improve eating awareness, try the following for 1 week:

  • Keep a diary of everything you eat each day.
  • Before you put food in your mouth, ask yourself if you are really hungry or just wanting to eat for some other reason.
  • Try not snacking in between meals. Have just 3 meals a day with the main meal being midday, and having something light for dinner such as soup.
  • Try not eating past 7p.m. This creates a natural 11- 12 hour fast which is a great break for your digestive system. Then begin each day with a glass of hot water and lemon to help alkaline the system and aid in lymph drainage.
  • And if you really want a significant shift in digestive health, eliminate sugar, alcohol and caffeine.