The Importance of Bath Temperature

Hot baths are sedating and pacifying, while cooler baths are more energizing and invigorating. So it is better not to take a hot bath in the morning when you start your day, but rather when you are ready to rest or go to sleep. Intensely hot baths can deplete your energy and are contraindicated for pregnancy and high blood pressure. It is best to begin your bathing ritual at close to body temperature, approximately 96 degrees, and slowly increase to 101 or 102 degrees. At this temperature you are able to stay in the water and be comfortable for a longer period of time. A typical therapeutic bath is approximately 20 minutes.
Specific Bath Temperatures
A bath of warm water, 100 degrees Fahrenheit will draw blood into the skin surface at which time dispersed herbs and essential oil ingredients are most easily absorbed the skin.
Cool and cold water baths will act to stimulate an immune response creating a strong heating reflex in the body. Cold water baths below 70 Degrees are not recommended for home use.
Above110 degrees: Too Hot! Unsafe for home care use except for partial baths, i.e.: Arm baths, hand baths, foot baths, local body wraps and compresses.
105/110 degrees: Very Hot. High side endurable for only a short time. Exercise caution of hyperthermia. Not recommended for those with cardio vascular conditions. 5-15 minutes.
100/105 degrees: Hot. A generally endurable range for most hot bath requirements. 15-20 minutes.
98/100 degrees: Warm bath. Just above body temperature. Ideal for absorption of herbal baths.
15-30 minutes.
90/98 degrees: Neutral bath. Comfortable baths produce healing reflex. This is normal range of skin surface temperature. 5-10 minutes.
80/90 degrees: Cool baths. Tolerably cooling. Used only for baths of short duration for the healing reflex. Under 5 minutes.
65/80 degrees: Cold bath. Very short plunge type baths for dramatic body heating reflex. Caution against hypothermia. Not recommended for longer than thirty seconds.
Below 65 degrees: Very cold. Not recommended for home care use except in partial baths or local applications of cold compress, cold sponging, ice bag, etc.