Dry Body Brushing

Spas include a variety of exfoliating treatments on their menus, and you can also treat yourself to this beneficial experience at home. All you need is a natural bristle brush with a long handle. This is best done before a shower or bath when the skin is dry. While the main focus is exfoliation, skin brushing also promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates circulation. Start with a gentle brush and soft pressure.
Here’s the process:

  • General direction of brushing is toward the heart and toward the center of the body; 10 strokes for each area
  • Starting at the foot, brush the bottom of the foot, circle around the ankle and proceed up the leg in long, smooth strokes. On back of leg, proceed over the buttocks to the lower back
  • Brush the palm of the hand, then up the length of the arm
  • Gently brush the stomach with circular strokes
  • Brush the back from the neck down to the lower back
  • After shower or bath, apply TARA Hand & Body Lotion, Loving Lotion or Body & Massage Oil