Go the Distance, While Keeping Your Distance

Go The Distance, While Keeping Your Distance!

You don’t need fancy equipment or a lot of time – you can weave exercise into your daily schedule in many creative ways. Every little bit counts toward a healthier you!


  • Yoga & daily stretching (10 simple stretches for daily health)
  • Use free online exercise videos
  • Do some heel raises while washing dishes
  • Use canned food as light hand weights to build upper body strength
  • When watching TV, get up & stretch or “lift” some canned goods during every commercial break
  • Dance! Put on your favorite tunes & get your groove on!
  • Home office: take a quick 5-minute, deep-breathing stretch break every hour
  • Play imaginary games with children that involve crawling, jumping and skipping
  • If you have stairs…use them! Take an extra lap or two up and down while doing daily chores


  • Strap on those ear buds & take a stroll around your yard or around the block to soak up some much needed Vitamin D from the sun
  • Get up early & walk around the block to watch the sunrise
  • Take a bike ride around your neighborhood
  • Even in a small amount of space outside, jumping rope is a great option for an outdoor workout
  • When possible, walk or bicycle to local markets for small purchases rather than driving
  • Plant a garden! Cultivating and maintaining a garden is good for the body as exercise and provides healthy nutrition as well
  • Finish your day by walking around the block or climbing a tree to watch the sunset