Restoring & Maintaining Balance

Calming And Soothing The Nervous System Is Essential For Health
Autumn is upon us…lazy days at the beach, family outings and vacations and looser summer schedules are over. We’re now returning to our regular, more structured work and school schedules and we’ll soon be gearing up for the holidays. Because this can be stressful and anxiety producing, it’s an ideal time to focus on restoring and maintaining our personal, internal balance.
Too much stress aggravates Vata, which is the energy that governs the nervous system. The seat of Vata is in the large intestine where the neurotransmitters that regulate how our nervous system reacts to stress are produced and stored. When a body is under prolonged stress, messages declaring, “emergency, emergency” are sent out from these neurotransmitters to all the cells in our body.
Since calming and soothing our nervous system is essential for maintaining health and well-being, Ayurveda offers suggestions for practices that will send messages of peace and calm to the brain, soothe our nervous system and help restore balance in the body.

  • A formal meditation practice or just time carved out to sit quietly, relax and breathe

  • With focus on the balancing postures such as the Tree Pose, Half Moon Pose or Head Stand. Staying grounded, centered and focused as we execute these poses helps the body align physically and energetically
    Breathing Exercises

  • One example would be alternate nostril breathing – learn more about this technique in our Blog post entitled “Energy Balancing Technique”

  • Self massage, given and/or received massage and touch in general
    Nature Therapy

  • A simple walk in the woods or forest bathing
    A Seasonal Diet & Balancing Herbs

  • Triphala is balancing for Vata dosha in the small intestine and Ashwagandha helps rejuvenate a compromised nervous system and supports the health of the intestinal tract
    A Good Night’s Sleep

  • Learn more in our Blog post entitled “The Importance Of Sleep”
    Autumn is also the perfect time to enhance treatment and home spa regimens with TARA’s Balancing or Stress Wellness Solutions.