Bathing for Therapy

Bathing For Balance

Today’s fast paced lifestyle appears to have elevated the quick shower as the cleansing regime of choice over the more leisurely bath. Perhaps the knowledge that soaking in a bath – in any season of the year – does much more than just relax tired muscles and calm the mind, it is also a very powerful tool that helps balance the body.
The therapeutic use of water and steam has been practiced since antiquity. In Japan, bathing has been part of ritual purification and the pursuit of spiritual purity. A therapeutic bath has been one of Ayurveda’s principal healing modalities for centuries.
Adding pure herbal elements to a bath supports the flow and quality of energy throughout all the body’s tissues. Soaking in hot water also opens all the body’s pores and circulatory channels, which is why it’s important that only 100% natural products are used without any synthetic scents, colors, binders or emulsifying agents.
TARA Bath Therapy Salts are 100% pure blends of natural minerals, certified organic and wildcrafted herbal extracts and pure essential oils selected for the benefits they add to each formulation: Citrus Refresher, Immune Booster, Loving, Muscle Soother, PMS, Restful Sleep, Stress Release and Woman’s Transition.