Hydrate And Protect Skin

The skin on your whole body needs hydration and protection, but it’s your face that is most exposed to the elements and the drying effects of winter winds and cold temperatures. Our skin gets dried out faster than our skin glands can replenish the supply! Dehydrated skin is actually more vulnerable to outside irritants and germs, so it’s important to rehydrate for our overall health and well-being.

Did you know that oil is actually a better choice than lotion to rehydrate and moisturize? And Jojoba Oil, which is actually a wax ester, is our top recommendation.

Unlike most other vegetable oils, Jojoba closely resembles human skin oil (sebum) and is said to possibly “trick” the skin into thinking it produces enough oil, thus balancing oil production. Also, being a waxy substance, Jojoba seals in moisture, creating an effective, protective barrier to the external environment, which also regulates sebum production.

Washing your skin, even with plain water, removes a protective layer of sebum. By applying a few drops of Jojoba Oil after washing your face, you replace this protective barrier. For even deeper re-moisturizing, warm a spoonful of Jojoba Oil, massage into the skin and
leave on overnight.

Ayurvedic practice has long espoused the benefits of oiling the skin and research has shown that healthy skin may be attributed to the right balance of micro-organisms. Facial oils feed beneficial microbes in the skin which, in turn, encourage the body to produce fatty acids. In a sense, the skin moisturizes itself!

Our Ayurvedic Facial Oils begin with a base of organic Jojoba Oil. They’re refined enough for use on the face, including the delicate under eye areas. Use 1-3 drops Facial Oil mixed with TARA Hydrating Mists.

Nourishing Facial Oil featuring Rose and Neroli Essential Oils is great for dry skin in any season. It will also help relieve holiday stress and anxiety and calm the nervous system.

Replenishing Facial Oil – We added Essential Oils of Holy Basil, Sweet Orange, Fennel and Marjoram to boost the hydrating benefits of the Jojoba Oil while adding a pacifying, calming effect on the whole mind and body.

While our Rejuvenating Facial Oil doesn’t contain Jojoba Oil, it can be used as an extra intensive treatment for chapped lips and dry dehydrated skin around the eyes.

TARA Therapeutic Hair & Scalp Oil with organic Jojoba and Argan oils hydrates, nourishes and conditions dry or damaged hair while revitalizing and stimulating hair roots and circulation in the scalp.