NEW! Wellness At Home Kits

NEW! Wellness-At-Home Kits

Carefully curated WELLNESS AT HOME KITS to bring focused attention to your personal wellness needs and to support you in your own self-care right at home.
Now, more than ever before, wellness is paramount. And it is up to each of us to take responsibility for our own health and well-being. Let TARA help you. WELLNESS AT HOME kits give you a guided routine for your home care practice with products that have been used professionally in the finest spas worldwide. Using therapeutic grade essential oils and organic herbal extracts, TARA’s formulas will support your wellness lifestyle and help keep you resilient during the challenges we face today.

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Immune Booster Wellness At Home Kit
Immune Booster Wellness At Home Kit
Tara’s “go to” remedies for keeping the immune system resilient, which is essential today for maintaining a strong defense against virus and infection.

Stress & Anxiety Relief Wellness At Home Kit

This collection of wellness products can help you shift physically and emotionally, and release tension, nervousness and fear you may be holding in your body and mind.

Sleep & Deep Rest Relief Wellness At Home Kit
Sleep & Deep Rest Relief Wellness At Home Kit
Tara’s top remedies for unwinding the nervous system, inducing deep rest and supporting a good night’s sleep, which is essential to promoting overall health.